Our Services


Business planning & strategy


Our approach to business planning and strategy is based on delivering services with transparency and humility. We don’t pretend to be the experts in your business or industry, and we know that every business and their operations within are unique. Instead, we help businesses and other organisations tap into the expertise and intelligence they already have, to improve their decision making, planning, operations and overall performance.  

We aim to strip away the complexity that sometimes creeps into planning and strategy, and use approaches that are practical, flexible and engaging. We sincerely believe that this work requires a team effort, and our people enjoy integrating within our clients’ organisations or project teams where required. 

We have provided business planning and strategic advice to a range of clients, including ASX top 50 companies, not for profit organisations, major ports and local governments. 

Wavelength business planning and strategy capabilities include:

  • Facilitation of strategy and planning workshops

  • Strategic analysis and scenario planning for organisations in a range of industries and sectors

  • Improving business processes and operational readiness

  • Master planning and strategic planning for various types of facilities and infrastructure

  • Strategic marketing and business development

  • Preparation of strategic and business plans

  • Assistance with winding-up and merger processes

Assets & infrastructure


We are not a typical engineering consultancy. Our approach is based on working closely with our clients to understand, or assist in developing, their strategies for the assets and infrastructure they own, manage, or wish to develop in the future. We believe that a clear-eyed view towards the future will always result in lower cost asset ownership, avoidance of unnecessary or early investment in new infrastructure, and result in the best outcomes for our clients and the people and communities around us.

With a clear understanding of this higher-level strategy, our consultants employ their specialised capabilities in planning, engineering and asset management.

Wavelength asset and infrastructure capabilities include:

  • Organisation and management of asset monitoring/survey campaigns

  • Preparation of logical and well defined long term asset management strategies

  • Strategic master plans for coastal and transport infrastructure, and the transport networks which support them

  • Strategic site selection for various types of facilities, using constraint mapping and multi-criteria analysis techniques

  • Planning and management of engineering works

  • Coastal and maritime structure design

  • Design and dredging of shipping channels and other navigation areas

  • Augmentation and operational management of gas networks

Marine & coastal engineering


We are passionate about the coast. As experienced coastal engineers and scientists we are highly motivated and driven by our responsibility to deliver beyond a specific scope of service, understanding the importance of taking a ‘bigger picture’ approach in developing solutions given the dynamic nature of our marine and coastal environments.

Each of our staff hold distinctive specialist coastal engineering experience in which they can draw from one another.  Wavelength also has strong networks with individual coastal specialists and small consultancies in which we call upon on an ‘as need’ basis.

We understand the importance of an agile mindset when approaching coastal investigations. It is our preference to iteratively work with our clients as projects evolve. The successful delivery of coastal and marine projects using our unique approach has delivered better, more cost-effective results for a range of clients in the public and private sector in both Western Australia and South Australia.

Wavelength coastal and marine environment capabilities include:

  • Coastal engineering and maritime structure design

  • Coastal process investigations (hydrodynamics, waves, seawrack and sediment transport)

  • Dredging campaign design, impact assessment and program supervision

  • Climate change risk assessment

  • Coastal hazard vulnerability assessments and adaptation plans

  • Storm surge and coastal inundation modelling and mapping

  • Planning and supervision of metocean data collection campaigns

Project management


We enjoy taking projects from concept through to completion. Our experience covers a wide range of project types, including onsite management of construction projects, management of multidisciplinary teams delivering project feasibility studies, and internal projects to improve our clients’ operations and efficiency. Our clients include a range of government and private clients, including port authorities, utilities and resource companies both in Australia and overseas. We are experienced with contemporary project management methods, and have been invited to speak on the use of novel approaches to project management.

Our approach is based on an agile and flexible mindset.  A benefit of this approach, is that we have an excellent track record of integrating within clients’ existing organisational structures and becoming a core part of their project teams.

Wavelength project management capabilities include:

  • Project planning and management from inception to completion

  • Planning and management of engineering works

  • Internal strategic projects

  • Contract management

  • Project and program governance

  • Tender and procurement

  • Risk management